Seller Assurance Program

HelicopterBuyer, Inc. (HBI) provides an industry-leading Seller Assurance Program gives sellers a competitive advantage.  It provides operators with comprehensive market insight, international sales resources and solutions, and more than 36 years of aviation expertise.  The Seller Assurance Program enhances the sales process by lowering buyer risk, increasing interest, maximizing owner value, expedites the helicopter resale process, and strives to exceed client expectations.  

Sellers can be assured their helicopters will be properly valued, accurately represented, and professionally marketed worldwide for near-term sale and/or lease.

Benefits of the Seller Assurance Program

  1. Maximum market value for your helicopter
  2. Increased buyer interest with helicopter inspection report
  3. Professional helicopter sales expertise and marketing
  4. Worldwide marketing exposure
  5. Reduced upfront sales expenses
  6. Vested helicopter sales agent interest
  7. Fast, smooth sale process


Recurrent Buyer Client

“Our latest (A-109S Grand) helicopter acquisition was the easiest transaction I have been involved in.  HelicopterBuyer took care of everything, did an impressive job, treated us fairly, and delivered the helicopter from overseas in a timely manner”.

Joshua Jones

Director of Operations

North Memorial Health Air Care

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Seller Client

I am writing to express my satisfaction towards the services that HelicopterBuyer (HBI) provided in the sale of our helicopter.  Not only did HelicopterBuyer get a great price for our machine but the friendly and courteous service was much appreciated.  HBI made it easy throughout the transaction.  I will not hesitate to refer HBI to anyone that I come across that needs a good agent to assist in selling their helicopter."

Ledair Inc - Jacques Charbonneau, President and Operations Manager, Montreal, Canada

Contact Information

HelicopterBuyer, Inc. (HBI)
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Central USA Time Zone
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Mark V. Clancy
President & CEO