Engine Client - Sales, Acquisitions & Lease

We offer helicopter engine client sales, acquisitions, and lease.  Operators interested in buying or selling engines can rely on HBI as their brokerage resource for selling or locating engines that meet their requirements.  We specialize in Pratt & Whitney, Turbomeca, Rolls-Royce, and Honeywell engines.

HBI offers value insights and perspectives to allow buyers and sellers the opportunity to benefit before engaging our services or buying engines we are offering for sale. We invite prospective buyers and sellers to get to know us. We want them to understand how we are focused on helping them and are driven to be a reliable and valuable resource for their buying and selling engine requirements for the long-term.


European Seller Client

"We recommend HelicopterBuyer (HBI) when seeking a reliable agent to sell your helicopters and/or engines.”
Roberto Grazioli
Managing Director
Eurotech S.r.l.
Sondrio, Italy