Consulting & Support Services

HBI offers a variety of helicopter and engine support services. Our support services are often supplemental to a primary helicopter purchase or resale transaction; although specific individual requirement solutions are available.

  • Fleet Renewal Strategies
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • MRO and Customizing Shops
  • Financing & Leasing
  • On-Line Auctions
  • Helicopter Import/Export
  • Airframe & Engine MRO
  • Relocation/Shipping


Private Buyer

"HelicopterBuyer's exclusive client service provided explementary attention to detail and I enthusiastically recommend them to any buyer or seller."

Tim Rainey

Retired SVP for Operations

Delta Airlines (Formerly Northwest Airlines)

Large Fleet Operator Client

“CHC has benefited from HelicopterBuyer’s (HBI's) expertise in helicopter acquisition and resale, valuation assessment, fleet market studies, and sourcing Bell, Eurocopter, and Sikorsky helicopters…"

Chris Krajewski

Regional Director
Africa & Euro-Asia
CHC Helicopter Services
Amsterdam, The Netherlands