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Recurrent Buyer Client

“Our latest (A-109S Grand) helicopter acquisition was the easiest transaction I have been involved in.  HelicopterBuyer took care of everything, did an impressive job, treated us fairly, and delivered the helicopter from overseas in a timely manner”.

Joshua Jones

Director of Operations

North Memorial Health Air Care

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Long Term Client

“We purchased our first Bell 407 from HelicopterBuyer in ’04 and then a 206L3 in ’08…and last year purchased another Bell 407…”

Derek Longley
Co-Owner & Director of Operations
Prairie Helicopters, Inc.
Winnipeg, Canada

Multi-Ship Client

“CHC has purchased several Bell 412HP/EP helicopters from HelicopterBuyer…”

Chris Krajewski
Regional Director, Africa & Euro-Asia
CHC Helicopter Services
Amsterdam, The Netherlands