• T5317A/A-1 or B

    T5317A/A-1 or B

    For Sale
    Ozark Aeroworks Engine
    Honeywell Authorized Service Center
    Zero Time-Since Overhaul (TSO)
    5,000 Hour Time-Before Overhaul (TBO)
    Zero TSO Fuel Control and Governor
    Engine Performance Guarantee
    Service Bulletin Compliant with SB 0122
    Warranty 2 Years / 1,000 Hours
    Delivery 10 Weeks
    Trade-In / Exchange Available
  • T53 Fuel Control Unit

    T53 Fuel Control Unit

    For Sale
    Ozark Aeroworks Performed Maintenance Update & Test
    726 Hours Time-Since-Overhaul
    Fresh 1,250 Hour Mid-Life Inspection & 12 Year Rubber Goods Kit
    1,733 Hours Time-Before-Overhaul
    Immediately Available
    Trade-In's Welcome