Mission Statement

HelicopterBuyer, Inc. (HBI) provides first-rate helicopter and engine sales, acquisition, leasing, and support services that ensure our clients' long-term operational success while maintaining a climate of trust, respect and cooperation.

  • Sellers can be assured their helicopters will be properly valued and professionally marketed worldwide for near-term sale and/or lease.
  • Buyers can be confident we’ll locate the right helicopter to satisfy their unique criteria for purchase or lease and meet their schedule.
  • Outright dealer purchases and trade-ins are often available for timely solutions.
  • All transactions negotiated fairly with respect and handled to the highest industry standards.
  • Engine sales, acquisitions, and leasing available.
  • Consulting services offered to meet individual needs or for turn-key solutions.



Offshore Commercial Operator

“CHC has benefited from HelicopterBuyer’s (HBI's) expertise in helicopter acquisition and resale, valuation assessment, fleet market studies, and sourcing Bell, Eurocopter, and Sikorsky helicopters…"

Chris Krajewski

Regional Director (Precedent)
Africa & Euro-Asia
CHC Helicopter Services
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Long Term Client

“We purchased our first Bell 407 from HelicopterBuyer in ’04 and then a 206L3 in ’08…and last year purchased another Bell 407…”

Derek Longley
Co-Owner & Director of Operations
Prairie Helicopters, Inc.
Winnipeg, Canada