Buyer Brokerage

Buyers can be confident we’ll locate the right helicopter to satisfy your unique criteria for purchase or lease and meet your schedule.

Benefits of Using our Buyer Brokerage Services

  • Exclusively representing buyer’s interests.
  • Broker understands client’s objectives, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Customers receive comprehensive, unbiased comparative analysis of select market helicopters.
  • Confidence in knowing the best available helicopters are presented for consideration.
  • Broker will negotiate and make industry savvy helicopter acquisitions for exclusive clients.
  • Estimate major component maintenance expenses based on projected client utilization.
  • Obtain competitive service center quotations and manage helicopter MRO and customizations.
  • Confidence that your transaction will be handled completely, properly in accordance with high industry standards, and in a timely manner.
  • Client engagements are focused, results driven, and relationship orientated.

What our Buyer Services Include:

  • Understanding buyer criteria/preferences such as capability, range, operational expenses, make/model, manufacture date, configuration, condition, components, and budgetary pricing.
  • Comprehensive market value assessment for exclusive clients using analytical methodologies and proprietary data.
  • Present helicopter specifications, maintenance data and digital photos for review.
  • Comprehensive helicopter assessment is performed including installed equipment comparisons, detailed component assessment, operational history, and reported incident or damage history.
  • Negotiate favorable purchase prices/terms and prepare a helicopter purchase agreement.
  • Arrange escrow services for the deposit, title services, and transaction closing.
  • Attend helicopter pre-purchase inspection and flight test.
  • Ensure helicopter meets pre-purchase inspection OEM criteria and delivery acceptance terms.
  • Offer value-added support services prior to or following the sale.


Private Buyer

"HelicopterBuyer's exclusive brokerage service provided explementary attention to detail and I enthusiastically recommend them to any buyer or seller."

Tim Rainey

Retired SVP for Operations

Delta Airlines (Formerly Northwest Airlines)

Bell 412 Buyer

"We have purchased two Bell 412's this year on two different continents from HelicopterBuyer ....they understand the global market, negotiate fairly, and facilitated communications... We look forward to working with HelicopterBuyer on future transactions"

Roy Knaus
Managing Director
Heli-Austria GmbH
St. Johann, Austria

Buyer Client

"HelicopterBuyer has shown dedication, insightful market knowledge, worldwide industry connections, and been a trusted advisor to our business..."

Chris Krajewski, Regional Director
Africa & Euro-Asia
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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