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Established in 2000, HelicopterBuyer is a worldwide helicopter and engine broker and dealer serving clients engaged in offshore, EMS, utility, corporate, government, private, media, and tour helicopter operations. We exclusively broker, buy, sell and lease helicopters and engines.  We also offer an array of support services that provide unique, innovative and comprehensive solutions.
We have a worldwide network of owners, operators, associates, dealers, brokers, service centers, distributors, finance organizations, insurance companies, suppliers, OEMs, and other industry professionals that allow us to offer unique and innovative solutions that best meet or exceed our clients' expectations.
We specialize in buying, selling and leasing Agusta, Bell Helicopter, Eurocopter and MD helicopters; and Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, and Honeywell turbine engines. 

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HelicopterBuyer, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Mark V. Clancy
President & CEO
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